Photo Credit: Fitbit

Fitbit steps up to the game of fitness

Photo Credit: Fitbit
Photo Credit: Fitbit

High tech pedometers are not only a new fashion statement but also a lifestyle. There are many different pedometers today, such as Garmin, Misfit, Jawbone and even the Apple Watch; however, Fitbit stands out among the others.

Fitbit has completely stepped up the game in the world of fitness. Many people have now heard of Fitbit or even have a Fitbit device.

The Fitbit team distinguished themselves by creating not only another pedometer, but one that has an accompanying app. The Fitbit app is set up similar to a game; for some users, it has become a mission to make the daily 10,000 steps, to burn as many calories as possible or to climb the most steps.

Garmin has a very similar app to Fitbit. Reviews by consumers, however, said the Fitbit app is more understandable and fun.

“My Fitbit app sends me a notification when I am close to meeting my step goal,” said University of West Georgia student Edward Davis. “I thought about an Apple Watch, but there was no way that I could possibly pay for one. I was given the Fitbit Surge as a gift and have compared it to my friend’s Garmin Vivofit 2. I am really happy I got a Fitbit because I can receive text messages and phone call notifications.”

A clever tactic, Fitbit created challenges through their app. This gives users a choice to have their family or friend’s physical lives impact their own. Some people love a challenge, but others wish to have a friend push them to do better. The challenges can last from a day up to a week long.

“I absolutely love the challenges you can compete in through the Fitbit app,” said Davis. “It really pushes you to step up your game and make more steps than your friends. Between classes, I would just walk around campus to gain more steps to gain the lead in front of my friends.”

The food and water log features are helpful tools in the app. With the weight portion of the app, it actually helps a person to manage, lose or gain weight. It accounts for activity and calorie intake to help users make better food choices.

With the rise in its popularity, Fitbit has created more stylish devices to fit different needs and physical lifestyles and updated devices to include new features.

“I would encourage anyone to get a Fitbit,” said Davis. “Fitbit has helped me live a healthier lifestyle. It would be interesting if the school held a competition where anyone with a Fitbit could join and compete against one another.”



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