Photo Courtesy of Mindy Smith

Abroad in 10 Days


Photo Courtesy of Mindy Smith

The Department of Marketing and Real Estate offers two study abroad programs that allow students to spend ten days in China or London.

Students can earn three credit hours for a Special Topics (MKTG 4885 for Undergraduates and MKTG 6881 for Graduates), Business in China, and Business in the U.K. Scholarships are available to students who are interested in studying abroad through the University System of Georgia scholarships. The study abroad course is an elective class open to all students, not just business or marketing majors.

Business in China gives students the opportunity to spend ten days over spring break in China from March 14 through March 24. The China program travels to Beijing and Shanghai, the financial capital of China. Dr. Salil Talpade, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Marketing and Real Estate at the University of West Georgia said “We do some sightseeing, but we also visit companies as well as universities.” The group visits the famous Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. “It is a cultural experience and a business learning experience,” said Talpade.

Business in the U.K. is a summer program from June 14 through June 23. This course allows student to visit Oxford University, international firms such as JP Morgan and interact with business executives. The group also visits the Bank of England, Buckingham Palace and the Windsor Castle. “In London, the study abroad group does things together, but you can venture out on your own more,” said Talpade. The group stays at the University of London university dorms and students get the opportunity to interact with other students. There is also an optional day trips to Paris and Brussels.

“A lot of people don’t think about going to China over spring break,” said Mindy Smith, a UWG Graduate Student, “Everyone thinks about going to the beach.” Smith said going to Panama City is fun but students don’t get any experience from it. Smith went with the study abroad program to China spring 2011. “It was absolutely incredible,” said Smith, “It was not as expensive as I thought it was going to be.” Considering what students spends on average during spring break, she said the cultural experience was worth it. Each student who applied got an estimated $500 through the University System of Georgia scholarships for the trip to China. “I wish a lot of people could go,” said Smith.

Both programs are short-term study abroad programs. Professors teach the course here at UWG and part of the course is the ten day trip. “It is a very good experience for students because they learn about the country because they are taking a class and learning about the business environment,” said Talpade, “Then they are actually going there and experiencing it.” This spring will be the fifth year the Department of Marketing and Real Estate will have traveled to China through the study abroad program.



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