Photo Courtesy of Kate Theobald

Advanced Academy to Host Annual Gifted and Talented College Resource Fair

Photo Courtesy of Kate Theobald
Photo Courtesy of Kate Theobald

The Advanced Academy will be hosting the First Annual Advanced Academy Gifted and Talented College Resource Fair from 6:30-8:00 PM at the lower level Z6 on Thursday, September 12. This event is open to the public and is free of admission. The fair is geared toward high school sophomores, juniors and seniors and is organized for the Carrollton community as well as surrounding Metro Atlanta areas. The fair will provide resources to parents and students to inform them about colleges, gifted and talented resources, the Advanced Academy as well as how to receive financial aid for college.

The Gifted and Talented Resource Fair will expose different colleges to traditional high school students. “There will be a broad range of colleges attending the fair, including out of state schools. Colleges are still signing up to participate and any college is welcome to join,” said Des Potier, Director of The Advanced Academy.  Valdosta, Georgia College and State University, Columbus University, Auburn University, The University of Alabama, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Vanderbilt all plan to attend, as well as several other well known colleges. This is just an example of a few. Georgia Student Financial Aid will be present as well. The event hopes to propose an intimate setting that will display between 25 and 30 different schools. The fair will also let people know more about the academy and what all it has to offer to the students and community. It is a way to inform high school students of the resources they can and should be taking advantage of before attending college as well as their options after high school if they plan on attending college.

Dr. Sethna, former president of The University of West Georgia and Dr.Wagner, created the Advanced Academy. “The academy has been on campus for 19 years at West Georgia and we’re very proud,” said Des Potier.  “Forty percent of students come to West Georgia after participating in the academy. The students come throughout the state and the academy has also brought International students as well. The academy has helped serve the community and faculty and has helped make the academy incredible.”

The program offers great opportunities for the state and high school students who attend. All gifted students are encouraged to join and participate in the academy. The Advanced Academy allows high school students to be enrolled in college courses while in high school and receive college credit at the same time. Applicants must meet certain requirements. The University of West Georgia website has more information on the Resource Fair and also about the Advanced Academy.



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