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“After We Fell” Is Worth the Wait

“After We Fell” is the third film installment of the “After” series, based on Anna Todd’s five book series. Audiences were first amazed with the first movie “After” and were left on a cliffhanger with the second movie “After We Collided”. Fans were left waiting for a little over a year for this third movie to be released.

Last year “After We Collided” was released in theaters. “After We Collided” ended when Tessa and Hardin ran into her father outside the tattoo shop. At the beginning of “After We Fell”, the movie picks up where the second movie leaves off and begins with Tessa and Hardin talking to her father at their apartment.

In the second movie we were able to see that Tessa’s life was getting a little out of control. At the beginning of “After We Collided”, we can tell that she is losing the people that are close to her such as her family and friends. At this point she feels as if the only person she can really turn to is Hardin. Hardin, Tessa’s one true love, is willing to be there for her and help her but something just seems to be holding him back.

In “After We Fell”, Tessa had been keeping multiple secrets from Hardin, which is frustrating for fans because how could she keep secrets from someone she claims to love and need the most in her life. Once Hardin finds out he gets upset and it leaves him feeling confused. This confusion leads him to try and attempt to sabotage Tessa.

Tessa’s father is very similar to his father in the aspect that they both struggle with addiction. Her struggles with her father creates more tension with her friends and family. She is debating on whether or not she should move to Seattle but she does not want to leave Hardin. Tessa and Hardin must decide if fighting for their love is worth it or not.

Meanwhile, when Hardin hears about Tessa’s move to Seattle he sabotages her new apartment and uses other girls in an attempt to make Tessa jealous. Tessa’s friends drug her and film her being sexually assaulted as a part of this revenge plan. Fans find out that Hardin’s dad is not really his dad; he actually turns out to be Christian Vance, his fathers best friend from college and one of Tessa’s colleagues. Hardin then finds his mom kissing Vance on the day she was set to marry someone else. As we know with Hardin’s past and short temper, fans can only imagine that he will not take this well in the next movie to come.

“After We Fell” was full of intensity and left the audience ready for the next movie. Critics and fans have seemed to enjoy the movie and have been recommending it to others. Fans are eagerly waiting for the fourth installment to see what will happen to Tessa and Hardin next.



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