Against Our Will Campaign

Modern day slavery has been a growing issue throughout the United States. It is exemplified in many different ways: human trafficking, sex trafficking and even labor trafficking. MtvU started a campaign in Sept. 2011 titled “Against Our Will”. They have collaborated with Free the Slaves, GEMS and Polaris Project, which are also support groups and activists of ending trafficking and exploitation.

These organizations have come together in this campaign to help inform college students all over the U.S of their human rights and put an end to modern day slavery. provides information on slavery, testimonies, videos, blogs and ways to get involved and take action to end enslavement and exploitation. Celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Pink and Jada Pinkett Smith have helped MtvU with their campaign and have read poetry written by survivors of human trafficking cases.

MtvU wants college students to get involved in this campaign. They have human trafficking facts, suggestions on how to take action and other readings that provide students with everything they need to know about their campaign, what it stands for and why everyone should get involved. The campaign suggests ways that students interested in the cause can help by use of advocacy through local political figures, fundraising, reporting and encouraging their professors to cover the topics of modern day slavery. MtvU also suggests that students utilize their social networks to spread the word about human trafficking and modern day slavery.

Members of “Against Our Will’s” campaign team are very passionate about informing others and getting involved. “We are all working together to bring about the same changes.  We all are looking to save our people and make people aware of their rights,” said Christina Miller, a member of the campaign’s team. Miller encourages UWG’s students to get involved in putting an end to human trafficking. “The more hearts the better; students coming together for more than class and parties is awesome.”

Modern day slavery is happening among the general population every day, but many people do not recognize the signs of modern day enslavement, do not know their rights or are too scared to get help or inform authorities. MtvU wishes to help correct this with their positive campaign by getting involved with communities and students to make our nation more safe and free of exploitation, trafficking and trade.




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