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An Unlikely Superhero Duo in ‘Thunder Force’

Thunder Force is Netflix’s new superhero, action, comedy movie for the family that will be able to make everyone laugh. Thunder Force came out on Netflix on April 9 and is at number four in “Movies Today” on Netflix as of April 29.

            The movie is a great watch with two amazing heroines as the main characters. The characters of the movie are two average everyday women with two different distinct personalities. The film then follows their journey through their friendship as they discover who and what they want to become.

            The cast is phenomenal with Melissa McCarthy playing Lydia Berman and Octavia Spencer playing Emily Stanton as the two heroines within the film. The two main characters met each other back in middle school. Emily’s parents were killed by villians when she was in middle school. At that time, Emily swore she would be able to come up with serum that could turn anyone into a superhero to help people that did not have that ability.

 Later on in high school, the two best friends had a falling out in their relationship and they did not talk to each other for a very long time. When it was time for their high school reunion, Lydia reaches out and asks to attend the reunion with Emily. After Emily is a no show, Lydia goes to Emily’s workplace to see what is going on. During their conversation, Emily explains that throughout their time apart she has been working to develop a genetic platform that allows her team to give ordinary people super powers. During this conversation, Lydia spills beer on Emily’s outfit causing her to leave and deal with the incident. While Lydia is alone, Emily gets accidentally injected with the new serum and gains access to becoming a superhero.

Emily’s new powers give her the ability of super strength, and she starts to train and hone her power under Lydia’s guidance. Lydia explains that she has gained superpowers as well, showing off her new ability of invisibility. The two friends then decide to team up and create a superhero team known as Thunder Force.

The vibrant, feel good, comedy creates an enjoyable atmosphere for the viewer. Both leads of the movie are amazing actresses that bring the characters to life.    

I did not expect much of this movie after watching the trailer which contained a lot of dry humor. However, the trailer did not do the movie justice, and I ended up being very happy with the film. Netflix did an amazing job at creating a film that was light-hearted and fun to watch.



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