Apple vs. Spotify

Apple Music and Spotify are the perfect examples of two music services that cater to a wide audience selling the same product but have different approaches on creating staying power.   

Music streaming services are huge across the globe. Gone are the days of MP3 files and now a more accessible way to reach music on demand. The concept of receiving music on demand has become incredibly innovative and different platforms offer similar things but differ drastically from each other. But with so many options it really comes down to price point and what the platform has to offer.   

Two huge music streaming platforms ahead of the game right now are Apple Music and Spotify. Spotify is a Swedish-born company that launched in 2008 and offers both a free and paid subscription for users to enjoy the music they want. Apple Music launched in 2015 and although it is only available to Apple users it has gained wide popularity as more Apple products become a staple in homes. Apple Music offers only paid subscription options, but has a 3-month free trial available to new users.  

 Both streaming services are packed with amazing content that appeal to the same audience but differs in size and availability. Spotify gives consumers access to any song no matter the plan they choose. The only restriction that exists for Spotify is the use of ads for those that use the music streaming platform for free.  

 Aside from price point, many users enjoy the idea of having their music all in one place. Music of the past and music of the future blend well together but it is a matter of who does it best. Spotify is a more personalized experience based on what the user listens to and creates playlists derived from genres that are heavily rotated. Apple Music has the user tell them what they are most interested in and integrates past Apple purchases and downloads.  

 Apple Music is limited on the selection of personal recommendations under the tab “For You. In the setup process, Apple only asks to choose a few artists and manually type in ones that are not on the list and take it from there. What is interesting about the lack of personalization with Apple Music is the integration of the music library from iTunes from past iOS devices.  

Spotify, on the other hand, has recommendations rolling out daily in millions of playlists created for both paid and free subscribers. Spotify may be more personalized, but it lacks the expansive library that Apple has created. Spotify has content all in one place such as podcasts and music videos and places music videos in certain playlists to pack them with a variety of content.  

For example, both streaming services have a decent library of songs from different decades but Apple Music has the bigger selection over Spotify which has a few decades playlist and they are compiled of the most popular hits. Apple has the songs broken down year by year that brings more gems in each playlist.  

Apple Music and Spotify both have a lot to offer from each platform. In terms of paying for a service that gives a user more bang for their buck Spotify sweeps the competition for sure. It is not impossible for Apple Music and Spotify to live harmoniously on a device but it is definitely better to choose one or the other. Apple Music may be essentially bigger and badder in the industry but Spotify is an all in one stop here to steal the crown.  



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