Award-winning Student-run WOLF Radio Grants Endless Opportunities

WOLF Radio is a fully functional college radio station that is entirely operated by students and plays an important role in media day. 

Jamie Cochran

WOLF Radio is a fully functional college radio station that is entirely operated by students and plays an important role in media day. 

WOLF Radio plays an active role in broadcasting the events during Media Day which takes place on March 8 in the Campus Center Ballroom at UWG. The radio station also informs UWG students what is happening on campus and the surrounding Carrollton Community.

The Operations Manager of WOLF Radio, Michael Tucker has been a part of the university for many years as a UWG student and alumnus.

“I started at UWG in 2013 and when I graduated a new position under Shawn came available,” said Tucker.

 Shawn Isaacs isthe General Manager and student founder of WOLF Radio and helped start the station back in 2009-2010.

WOLF Radio provides students with hands-on experience in radio programming, production, management, and promotion. Meaning everything done by the radio station is all created by UWG students.

“They create all the content,” said Tucker. “All the shows that are done on-air and off-air are all done by the students. Shawn and I do not create anything, we just make sure they know what they are doing.”

UWG students produce all the live shows including music, news, and sports programming. On Media Day, students from WOLF Radio will be up on stage doing live shows between networking sessions and showcasing their work to other professionals.

“We will be broadcasting live shows during the networking sessions on Media Day,” said Tucker. “Six of our on-air shows will be doing short teases of their full broadcasts. Film and Video students will have the opportunity to have trailers run so students and professionals can see their work.”

Many Wolf Radio students do not require much on-the-job training because of their campus experience.

“Almost immediately after graduation we regularly have students picked up by other radio stations in Atlanta,” said Tucker. “Our name is known in Atlanta. To walk out of college and right into Atlanta is huge for any student.”

The station has been recognized in both national and international competitions, including Best College Radio Station from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System.

“There are too many awards to name individually,” said Tucker. “Students have won dozens ofother awards ranging from on-air awards, videography awards, promotions, and productions as well.”Tucker hopes his teaching strategies can positively affect UWG students.

“As a mentor and advisor, my goal is to provide students with all of the tools they need to thrive in a media landscape, especially radio,” said Tucker. “I always encourage students to think critically about all that is needed to accomplish a goal from the start, because if you do all the work in planning, the execution becomes easy.”



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