Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day represents a time of love as people across the globe express the feelings they have for one another. It could be your mother or father, your siblings, that special friend, teacher, or even a perfect stranger, that express love on this heart-shaped day.

Valentine’s Day began as a response to third century Roman laws.   in third Claudius II, the Emperor of Rome, made a law stating that no man could be married. Claudius II believed that preventing men to marry would allow them to more easily leave home for war.  So in a sense ‘love’ was outlawed.

Saint Valentine saw the injustice in the law and kept marrying young couples.  For his refusal to obey the marriage ban, Saint Valentine was sentenced to death. Saint Valentine is said to have had a special relationship with his jailer’s daughter while imprisoned.  Before his execution on Feb. 14th, he signed a farewell letter to the jailer’s daughter “From Your Valentine.”

So many years ago Saint Valentine was willing to perish in the name of love and the power of passion is still very much alive as this Valentines Day comes so near. There will be candy hearts and chocolates, gift baskets and Valentine’s Day cards so effortlessly signed, “Yours Truly,” and “I Love You Dearly.” Pink, red, and purple hearts will be everywhere as we are reminded to show our loved ones that we care. You’ll be sure to see canoodling couples, children with heart shaped suckers and generic Valentines cards from school, handmade hearts, cheeks flustered pink, and love-struck faces on the way to movies and dinner out. Even if the romance bit isn’t for you, observe this day with gratitude as there is always someone that loves you too.



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