Behind the scenes with Tim Frasier

Photo Credit: Tim Frasier
Photo Credit: Tim Frasier

Tim Frasier, Executive Producer for “ON with Mario Lopez,” graduated in 2003 with major in English. Frasier has had plenty of radio experience since then; he was a morning show intern, a morning show producer and he eventually became a morning show after host. He also worked for Playboy Radio in Los Angeles for two years. After that, he started producing for iHeartMedia.

Since Frasier has knowledge about the radio industry, he will be one of the panelists at this year’s Media Day. He plans to talk to students about his involvement working in the radio industry, give students a chance to ask him questions and he will provide them with tips on how to establish a career in radio. This is Frasier’s first time attending Media Day.

“I expect and look forward to sharing my experience and offering advice to students,” he said. “I’m sure I will enjoy it. It is always rewarding getting to share my experience and helping others who are about to begin their careers.”

Frasier hopes that students will gain valuable information from listening to his discussion during the panel. Also, he hopes his story will help student decide if they want to be in the radio business. Frasier suggests that those looking to get into radio to obtain plenty of experience through internships. Lastly, Frasier plans to attend Media Day next year.

“Yes, I would be happy to if my experience and advice could help shape the next generation of radio careers,” he said.

To know more about what Tim Frasier has to say about radio life, be sure to attend Media Day Wednesday, March 4, at 9a.m. in the Campus Center Ballroom.




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