Berry football player’s comeback from devastation

College athletes everywhere know that participating in high contact sports can result in injury, but they don’t expect injuries to come that will change the trajectory of their lives. Justus Edwards of Berry College has been attempting the ultimate comeback on the field. 

Edwards suffered a back injury last September, changing the way he would see life for a while. The back injury was so severe doctors did not believe he would be able to live normally ever again. Edwards suffered his injury against Centre College and he couldn’t feel his lower half. 

“All the doctors told me I was paralyzed and I let them know I wasn’t,” said Edwards. “They kept saying things like you have a 20% chance or Justus you are going to have to get used to the possibility of being paralyzed for the rest of your life, but I am not one of little faith.” 

Edwards has worked for months in rehabilitation and was determined to walk back to the very spot he became paralyzed. On Nov. 9, 2019 Edwards returned to the Viking football field.  

“I went back to remind myself that my faith can move mountains and the people there who believed in my recovery reminded me of the community I have in my university football team,” said Edwards. 

Edwards worked hard to get back to this spot on the field even if it meant having his parents escort him out there with a special walker. He knew that this was his time to be reminded of what his body can do. 

“We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength, even the tiniest faith can move the mountains we come across. God doesn’t leave us alone he loves us and we can watch him work miracles,” said Edwards. 

Photo Credit: Nicole Kirkman

Edwards was greeted by his teammates and friends on the field that have made an impact on his rehabilitation and hope to get his life back. The ball player knows that it will be hard to regain all the feeling in his legs and back but is working for an even better recovery in the future.  

 “Wouldn’t it be amazing if next year I could walk back to this spot and do it without anyone helping me I know God has gotten me this far? Who’s to say he can’t make another miracle happen, God covers his warriors with strength,” said Edwards. 

Edwards got to walk back on the field and see his team defeat Centre College 45-22 that day as well as see them win another national title this past weekend. 

“Once a Viking always a Viking, I’ll never sit in pity over this injury but thank God for the development he’s brought my faith and life because of it,” said Edwards. 



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