Bringing the Heat: DJ Gabby Speaks

Leadership embraces initiative, confidence and dedication. Skills, knowledge and experiences gained through leadership are used to guide others. Leaders strive to pass the torch to other, subsequent leaders to help them become successful both personally and professionally. Sometimes the idea of leadership is just about leading by example.

Through her influence in mentoring others, Gabrielle Tigner radiates leadership in her daily life and radio career. Tigner, also known as Gabby Speaks, is the Program Director for The WOLF Internet Radio. The College Media Association recently awarded Tigner the 2019 Best DJ Personality Award, which was selected nationwide from over 150 universities. Every collegiate commercial, non-commercial and Internet radio station in the U.S. was eligible for this award.

Tigner is currently a sophomore at UWG, and she does not plan to let her success with The WOLF stop here. From stepping into The WOLF’s doors for training to now, Tigner’s plans for her radio career are ever changing. Tigner’s interest in The WOLF began her freshman year at UWG, when she applied to the training program. However, Tigner did not know what she was getting herself into at the time. 

“I noticed that it was a small station and is not recognized on a commercial level. I started UWG as a marketing major, but when I realized that they had a radio station,” said Tigner. “I sought to go after it, change my major, and concentrate into it.”

The WOLF’s work environment, operation and interaction with students influenced Tigner’s decision to switch her major concentration. 

“Being able to see it in person, at the remotes or the live events people would see them at, and to talk and have a great work culture motivated me to apply to The WOLF’s training program,” said Tigner.

Tigner decided to apply as the Assistant Program Director shortly after completing the program. She applied not knowing what radio programming consisted of, since Tigner just started college. Tigner knew that the job was not so much an identity within the radio station, but an opportunity to grow her knowledge and understanding of radio. 

“Realizing that talents that have come before me are great, but trying to convince everyone not necessarily that I am better, but that I can be great too as a new member of the station,” said Tigner. “You should seek the talents that are actually here, not just the ones who have graduated.

“I know my talents, and I know my background,” continued Tigner. “That should push me far.”

Tigner helped train other students how to do voice tracking, as an assistant. She then started doing more voice tracking herself, which led to Tigner building her own brand. Tigner began sending out voice tracks to festivals, events, and awards outside of Carrollton.

“Voice tracking is pretty much when you hear people on air, but it is not a complete show,” said Tigner. “I decided to partake in it myself, record it, and send it out to build more of my brand outside of UWG and Carrollton.”

Tigner recently purchased her own domain, with plans to trademark her brand. She wants to ensure that her name is associated with anything she does.

“This year I really wanted to focus on building my brand. I think of everything as a business,” said Tigner. “Every move I make, it is my copyright. Whatever I do belongs to me, and I want everything I do to be associated with me in a good way. All things that I do in light or in dark, it’s definitely ‘Gabby did that.”

Tigner’s leadership role and recent award are two of her greatest achievements at The WOLF.

“Becoming Program Director has allowed me to be the leader that I always strive to be wherever I am,” said Tigner. “Winning 1st Place out of all collegiate on-air personalities has really been something.”

Before receiving her recent award, Tigner learned how to speak in ways on-air that were appealing to different audiences. However, there was one thing she stumbled on each time.

“At the time, I would be on-air for six hours, but within each hour I would talk for five minutes total,” said Tigner. “The thing I struggled with the most was saying my own name.”

Attaining leadership roles and awards are not the only greatest achievements Tigner has received. Her value as a member has given her the ability to connect with other students.

 “Being a most valuable member, people always reach out to me and it is easy for them to speak to me,” said Tigner. “That is really an achievement.”

After graduation, Tigner plans to purchase The WOLF’s studio. Tigner has already learned about the amount of money required to make the purchase.

“That is a donation that I do not mind doing, because I feel it’s feasible in my future,” said Tigner. “I have a feeling that I will be really successful not only as far as my voice, but also how I am practically as a business person and my interests.”

Tigner wants to communicate with different majors on campus, even if they are not involved with The WOLF, to share her knowledge with students. Tigner intends to fulfill her purpose of showing leadership and initiative to others.

“I think of leadership as servant leadership, so if I am succeeding and not bringing others with me, then it serves no purpose,” said Tigner. “Where you came from does not break you, but it helps build you.”



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