Broadcasting WUTV on Media Day

The annual UWG Media Day presents opportunities for students to learn from and network with professionals in the communications industry via panel discussions and networking sessions. The Department of Mass Communication and its student-run programs have the opportunity to show students what they do and what they have to offer. Among them WUTV will once again play a prominent role in Media Day. 

        WUTV is UWG’s student-run broadcast television news station. Primarily focusing on news and audiences of the university, WUTV reports on and broadcasts news all around Carroll County. They will also play a role in Media Day itself, filming the various panel discussions and keynote speaker. 

        “We record the panel that they host, and we always record the speaker that Media Day has,” said Michael Lewis, the Production Supervisor of WUTV. “We do it for programming for our station and so that the people who attend Media Day have something to refer back on. It will also give those who could not attend Media Day an opportunity to see what they missed.” 

        WUTV will also feature a table with interest forms, promotional video, as well as gear from the news station. Media Day provides visibility for WUTV along with anyone else who wants to participate. For some students, their introduction to the Department of Mass Communication and its programs outside of class is Media Day. This allows programs like WUTV to reach out to students who might not realize a news station is at UWG. 

        “We are part of one of the experiential labs, helping students gain experience in a field they might want to join,” said Lewis. “The newscasts we do are student-run and student oriented. We operate as a news station, so students will learn how to shoot, edit, and execute studio operations.” 

        This year, along with their usual role in the Media Day activities, WUTV will showcase a promotional video about the workers at the news station. The video will feature not only the students that make WUTV possible, but also the jobs they do and roles they play to make the broadcast their programming. This will allow any students interested to see what WUTV does, the roles their staff play, and the things they could potentially do if they are interested in joining the crew. 



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