The walkway that will lead to the Bronze Wolf statue.

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The walkway that will lead to the Bronze Wolf statue.
The walkway that will lead to the Bronze Wolf statue.


The unveiling and dedication ceremony of the University of West Georgia’s 7.5-foot-tall, 9.5-foot-long and 3,500-pound Bronze Wolf statue will begin at 5 p.m. on Sept. 19 at the new Wolves Plaza, located within the university stadium behind the student section. The owner of Systems and Methods Inc., Bob Stone, and his wife Tish Stone, commissioned the Bronze Wolf statue. The ceremony will mark a new tradition for students, alumni and faculty.

The Bronze Wolf statue will be the dominant piece on top of a rock formation, which is still a work in progress. There will be future developments surrounding the Bronze Wolf, such as planting trees and other greenery.

Along with the dedication to the Bronze Wolf, the idea of “Wolf Walk” will be presented. It is a walkway leading to the statue, coined by Dr. Kyle Marrero, president of UWG. He envisioned the Wolf Plaza to be a place for students to partake in tailgating activities before the kick-off of football games. The Bronze Wolf project flourished from his vision and the process to carry out the vision became possible with the help of UWG alumni, current students and faculty. Kevin Shunn, director of the project, contributed as well.

“They have done everything, lots of students and former faculty,” said Dr. Bill Estes, vice president for the University Advancement and executive director of the UWG Foundation.

The process itself took an estimated three and a half months. The Bronze Wolf was composed of 14 different pieces, cast and molded in clay. It is in its completion stage, as students and faculty involved prepare to cast the wolf in bronze.

The concept following the Bronze Wolf and “Wolf Walk” is aimed to create a greater sense of school spirit before and after future games.

“The plan is to start a tradition,” said Dr. Estes. “It is designed to be a place for students and alumni to come tailgate.”

“We hope to bring more people to be a part of the UWG spirit,” he also said.

He believes the amount of time of money invested into this project will bring promising results within the student body.

“It was very costly, but it’s going to be worth every penny,” he said.



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