Business in the Theme of Love

February is the month of love and whether you are in love, looking for love or falling out of love, local business owner and professional counselor Kim Wilson wants to help the process. Wilson currently owns a private counseling practice called Wilson Professional Counseling. She also has an inspirational blog and recently launched a podcast titled The Amazing Relationships. “I’ve always had a place in my heart for making people feel amazing,” said Wilson, “I’ve been on this mission to spread love for a very long time.” She is dedicated to get her message across through her blog, speaking engagements, counseling and podcasts. 

During her undergraduate studies at UWG majoring in Mass Communications and minoring in Psychology, Wilson was given a show at WUTV, the university television station. “During my first semester, I was doing this TV show called “Highlights” where I would go around and ask students people questions.” The show lasted for 3 years and Wilson thought she was sure of where she was going in her career field. After graduating, Wilson went on to work at a radio station. “I started working at a small radio station and I would always find a way to put out quotes and positive messages. The owner would call and say what are you doing, you’re supposed to be playing music.” Wilson realized that she had a passion for helping people and decided to further her studies and acquire her masters in psychology. 

Wilson started her business in 2013 and her first blog post came in 2016. When she started her blog in Wilson took on a different approach to her blog by posting both written and spoken blogs to stand out in the midst of her competition and to marry both of her degrees in one. “Sometimes, I feel like some messages I post need more emphasis on certain words,” said Wilson, “ it creates more of an in-your-face message so you can be even more inspired.” She was excited to find ways to marry both of her degrees and put them both to use at the same time in different ways and through different platforms. 

The topic of relationships comes up mostly in Kim’s blog and will be the main theme of her podcasts. She is an advocate for healthy relationships. She believes that relationships rule our lives and if we don’t have solid relationships with strong communication, it will affect the way we function. “I want to see people function inside of healthy relationships,” said Wilson, “when we don’t, it impacts how we react, our motivation, future relationships and how we treat people.” Wilson has dedicated her career to helping people develop better relationships with their peers. 

Through all of the work that she does, Wilson just wishes to spread love around by teaching effective communication. “Communication is the most used activity in life,” said Wilson “It’s either going to be verbal, non verbal or written and a lot of times, we don’t use it right but when we learn to use communication right, it becomes a skill.” No matter who the relationship involved be it significant others, co-workers, friendships etc, the right communication is the key to a happy, healthy relationship. “The building block of a beautiful relationship,is knowing how to communicate in a way that helps and not hurts,” said Wilson, “ I’m hoping that my blog and my podcast will teach people that love is powerful, it is the solution and is never the problem.” 




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