Calling All Future Actors

Selah Avery, an actor on a recent episode of Fatal Attraction, will be hosting a background acting class with nationally renowned casting director, Cynthia Stillwell, near the University of West Georgia campus. The class will take place on March 18 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.  

 Selah is hosting the background and set etiquette class to help educate the community on how they can book several movies filming in and around the Atlanta area professionally. “I like to empower people,” said Selah. “I just enjoy helping people when it comes to acting because I know they are capable.” 

 According to Selah, this will be the first class of its kind. Avery is from Carrollton and thought it would be best to help her community first. She plans on having the background acting class in other places as well. 

 “We wanted to focus on the surrounding area,” said Avery. “Our next stop will be in Douglasville and we will work or way to the Atlanta area.”  

 The casting director encourages people to come to the event camera ready because the casting director will be taking pictures. Headshots and resumes are welcomed. 

 “Being a Background Actor can be fun and a great way to make a living while networking your way through the movie industry,” said Selah. “You never know when you could be called to be on set as a background actress.” 

 Avery has been an actress for six years. She recently was on television as one of the actors in the show, Fatal Attraction on TVOne.  

 Cynthia Stillwell has been a part of several movies. She is known for her work on Selma (2014), Remember the Titans (2000) and Road Trip (2000). 

 Selah elaborated on the different things that will be taught during the background acting class. “I will be teaching how to act on set, how to behave around celebrities and what pictures to submit and not submit,” said Selah. “I will also teach certain terms that are used while on set and how to fill out vouchers, which is how the talent would make sure they get paid.” 

The background and set etiquette class targets people who are 18 or older. People are able to register online on Paypal to for $25. The price will be $30 at the door. Information will be taught to help educate the community on how to professionally get into movies filming. You will learn how to get in and get paid in the industry. Several people are able to make a living off of acting and so can you.



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