Captain Marvel: Bringing a New Meaning to Girl Power

Captain Marvel is the action-packed, women’s empowerment movie many have been waiting for. Directed by Anna Boden and an incredible cast led by actress Brie Larson, it did not disappoint. Captain Marvel swooped into theaters on International Women’s Day and gave every other Marvel movie a run for its money (quite literally) with the Thursday night opening alone raking in over $120 million.  

 Marvel is usually set in present day, but Captain Marvel was set in 1995. The movie packs on the nostalgia when our main character slams through the roof of a Blockbuster with not a single modern title in sight. What makes this ‘90s setting so unique is the journey the audience is taken on through the past and through space — it is Marvel after all. 

 The movie starts out on a planet named Hala where the Kree people live. We meet Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) who is training to be a Kree soldier but the only thing stopping her is her possible connection to Earth (known as C-53 in the movie). The soldiers soon embark on a mission to save their own from the Skrull people. The Skrulls are green aliens with the ability to shapeshift into anyone they encounter.  

 Without giving too much of the movie away, the typical call- to- action in any superhero movie comes in an unexpected way. The call to action is done with the main character deciding to spring into action on her terms and that alone is what makes the film amazing. The message that a woman can do anything she wants even in the midst of an identity crisis is delivered at the forefront of the film.  

 Another thing Marvel Studios does extremely well in this movie is showcasing diversity with multiple familiar faces: Nicholas Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) and Maria Rambeau (played by Lashana Lynch). The placement of these two helps fuel the heart and humor that Marvel Studios instills in each movie without it being too crass or cliché. 

Captain Marvel is fun and interesting with a sprinkle of ‘90s flare. There are many amazing parts of the moviebut the one that stands out the most is the fight scene set to No Doubt’s 1995 hit “Just a Girl”. Nicholas Fury sitting in his car as “Whatta Man” by Salt-n-Pepa blasts through his speakers adds to the lightheartedness and nostalgic tone of the film. 

 As the first womanled Marvel Comics Universe flick, Captain Marvel brings a whole new meaning to girl power. For once it was a movie that included men counterparts but lacked a love interestThis film is a mustsee for original Marvel comic lovers and avid movie lovers alike.  



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