Carroll County Animal Shelter Launches Paws 4 Bravery

Carroll County Animal Shelter (CCAS) has teamed up with Paws 4 Bravery to launch a new program benefiting retired veterans and animals ready for their forever home. 

Paws 4 Bravery is a non-profit organization that will be working with the Carroll County Animal Shelter to find dogs and cats that have the character to become suitable therapy companions. These animals will then be paired with veterans dealing with post traumatic stress disorder, a heartbreaking illness which affects thousands.  

Paws 4 Bravery will be open to all veterans, regardless of which branch of the military or in which conflict served. All animals that are placed with a veteran will be fully vetted prior to the adoption. 

“Any veteran can fill out a meet your match form and we will pair them up with a companion animal at no charge.  It is our way of giving back to those that have served our country and also to save more animals lives in the process,” said Sarah Lumpkin, Adoption and Volunteer Coordinator at CCAS. 

Currently, Paws 4 Bravery is working to pair veterans from Carroll, Haralson, Heard and west Douglas counties. The process has already begun to expand their outreach. 

Paws 4 Bravery is currently accepting applications from any veterans that are interested. 

Learn more about Paws 4 Bravery at or contact the Carroll County Animal Shelter at 77-214-3590 for more information.



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