Carroll County Child Advocacy Brings Awareness to the Community

     The Carroll County Child Advocacy Center exists to champion the needs of sexually, physically and emotionally abused children in Carroll, Haralson and Heard County through means such as prevention, intervention and collaboration.
     The first programs were built and launched in 2012, and in 2013 the first advocacy center opened. With the help of the University of West Georgia, this program was able to take off.
     “We are in the process of building child-focused programs, not only into the Carrollton community, but also the Haralson, Heard and surrounding counties as well,” said Taylar Jackson the Child Prevention Coordinator and the Family Advocate for the Advocacy Center. “It is a process. We typically make surrounding counties aware by sending emails and letters about our training opportunities. Especially to daycare centers, churches and schools.
     “We have had several staff, professors and professionals from the University of West Georgia that have been willing to help lend a hand to the development of this awareness,” continued Jackson. “Without their willingness to help we would not have grown to the substantial amount of awareness that we are today.”
     The program and training also offers four Add-On Modules: Talking with Children about Safety from Sexual Abuse, Healthy Touch for Children and Youth, Bystander Protecting Children from Boundary Violations and Sexual Abuse Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.
     The Carroll County Child Advocacy Center is one of several foundations predicated to spreading awareness of abuse. These include Darkness to Light, an outreach event that stems from children’s training programs to assist in the recognition and strategies used to aid children who have been sexually abused; and the Stewards of Children Curriculum is embedded in several degree programs in the Department of Education and Tanner Health System School of Nursing at UWG.
     “These programs are worth taking the time to investigate,” said Jackson. “We strive to make anyone who is willing to learn knowledgeable about these concerning issues.”



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