Carrollton transforms into Halloween Town


If you plan on being in Carrollton for Halloween, prepare yourself for lots of fun. There will be plenty of activities to engage in all week long. These activities will range from haunted houses to mazes and so much more.

The first attraction that many residents of Carrollton may be familiar with is Chaos Haunted House.

The Haunt, a part of Chaos Haunted House, consists of an outdoor trail, and a portion of it is in a pitch black tunnel. Participants have to feel their way around to escape.

Along with the tunnel, the Haunt has other obstacles. One part of the trail is extremely loud and cramped, so participants have to crawl, and even wiggle to escape. During the Haunt, participants have to communicate with their group members in order to escape.

Another familiar haunted house is Camp Blood. If you are new to Carrollton, you may not have ever been to Camp Blood, but you must have heard about it by now.

Camp Blood’s activities consists of a trail and a zombie shooting. On this legendary trail, you can expect to see escaped residents from the Mentalbrook Estates. They try to separate you from your group, so be aware. On this trail, there is also someone with a chainsaw that can and will pop out at any moment.

At Camp Blood, you can also protect your group from zombies by shooting them down at the zombie-shooting area of the trail.

Ole McDermitt’s Farm is another option. Usually Ole McDermitt’s Farm is where you can go to pick out pumpkins to carve for Halloween; this can still be done.

However, you may want to take an adventure into the haunted corn maze. People hide in the corn maze, attempting to separate you from your group.

There is also a glow stick edition of the maze. However, the only time you can attend the glow stick portion is on Halloween night.

13 Stories, located in Newnan, has several attractions. The first is their Zombie Kill Experience. In this activity, participants will have a chance to kill zombies with laser weapons.

Zombie Alley is another one in which players will have to escape the zombies or be turned into one. Built on human phobias, participants will have to escape their biggest fears while in the dark. Participants may encounter spiders, snakes, rats and more.

Next, The Clown Haus is back with all new scenes and psychotic characters. The frightening and demented clowns have a surprise for participants who try to escape them this year.

Lastly, 13 Stories’ most popular attraction, Sacrifice, is also returning. This haunted attraction was rated one of the top 10 extreme haunted attractions in the U.S.

Unlike any other haunted house you will experience, Sacrifice has plenty of mental, physical and emotional torment. Participants will be subjected to anything from shock treatment to mental and physical attacks.



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