Photo Credit: Maya Martinez

Cider Hearts make sweet music

Photo Credit: Maya Martinez
Photo Credit: Mayra Martinez

Original, sultry, fun and energizing are the words that come to mind when watching the band Cider Hearts perform. Leah Maloof and Sylvetta Clark make up this vibrant duo. Their catchy lyrics, bluesy guitar riffs and distinct vocals set them apart from other acoustic pairs. While being an acoustic band, they also bring a hybrid of music genres to the table—funk, soul, rock and a bit of R&B. Their next upcoming show will take place at the Craze Tavern in Duluth, Ga. on Dec. 5.

Maloof, UWG alumnae, started dabbling with live performances in local bars in Carrollton—playing acoustic guitar, djembe and singing. After graduating, she moved to Gwinnett, Ga. and since then has had more opportunities to play at several bars in Atlanta and surrounding areas. She is also a part of an all female Elvis Presley cover band called the Pelvis Breastlies, who are known for their signature stage presence, covered in leather and rock n’ rolling.

Clark, like Maloof, has also had experience in live performing throughout Atlanta. She has been singing for over 20 years and also plays guitar. The pair met while both performed open-mic at a local bar three years ago. They both became involved in the same musical project. Later, the project dwindled; Maloof and Clark realized that while performing that they had a lot of fun together.

“We feed off of each other’s energy and together we have an awesome stage presence,” said Maloof.

They continued to perform at open-mics and decided that they wanted something more concrete; this is when Cider Hearts was born. Their unique band name tells a story of bonding over cider beverages and being around enjoyable company and settings.

“With other projects there hasn’t been that kind of energy where I feel like I’m growing,” said Maloof.

With this project Clark and Maloof both know they are growing as musicians.

Their goal right now is to strictly focus on performing and producing original songs, and getting a bigger fan base.

“The reason I became a musician is not to copy people’s stuff, but to make my own,” said Maloof.

Photo Credit: Mayra Martinez

Originality and the rawness in their music are most important to these musicians.

“I want to hear people sing our songs with us,” said Clark, with a smile on her face. “I want a room full of strangers singing in harmony together to us.”

They are hoping to spread the word about their band through social media and shows across the South.

Clark and Maloof have started a Kickstarter account to help towards producing their small album. The album entitled Down to the Core, being produced by Marshall Coats, will consist of five original songs, including acoustic, full band and percussion variations. Coats has worked with several big name artists such as, Yelawolf, and has played nationally in several bands. They anticipate the release of their album in May of 2015.



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