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Citations issued for Underage Drinking in Adamson Square

A sweep of downtown Carrollton by police netted 23 citations for underage drinking. 

Carrollton Police Department conducted a routine walk-through of the bars and restaurants on the square Thursday, Sep. 10. During the walk-through 23 underage drinkers were given citations, according to Carrollton Police Lt. Greg Falls.

The police department has received multiple complaints of underage drinking in Carrollton and on the square. The complaints are mainly derived from Carrollton locals. The Carrollton Police Department periodically does walk-throughs after a complaint is received.

“Walk-throughs are not just something we set out to do,” said Carrollton Police Lt. Easterwood. “It is usually off of a complaint.”

According to the police department, when conducting a walk-through it is “check one, check all” regarding an ID.

“No arrests were made after the walk-through,” said Falls. “We mostly issued consumption underage (CUA) citations.”

Falls expressed that in the past the police department has had calls regarding fights, which has been the outcome of underage drinking.

“Our mission is not to deter anyone from the square,” said Falls. “It is just to keep the underage drinking down and from causing problems.” 

The bars that were walked through on Thursday by police included Irish Bred Pub, Nama, Leopoldo’s Pizza, Samba Loca, City Tavern and Plates On the Square. The police department does not think that the routine walk-throughs will have a negative effect on the restaurants and bars on the square, but it will help them in maintaining code.

Falls said that the sweep is something the police department does regularly, but the number of citations were higher than usual. Most of the citations were given to UWG students.

The police department’s main goal is to keep those on the square and in Carrollton safe while being out.



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