Clinton Targets Millennials in Philly Speech

Sen. Hillary Clinton spoke at Temple University in Philadelphia on Sept. 19 and addressed students on how she will further help them if elected as president.

In her campaign, she shifted her focus to millennial voters the last month before the election. She called them “the most diverse and open” generation that will be crucial to America’s future and personally praised young adults for their work in political and social issues.

In her speech, she addressed most of the problems affecting the millennial generation: job security in the economic crisis, “the soaring cost of college” and “scourge of systematic racism.”

Clinton elaborated on these topics throughout her speech by stating her plans to keep millennials engaged and involved in America’s future. She spoke about an increase in job opportunities for young adults after college in the “middle of an economic crisis.” She affirmed her belief that this generation should have every opportunity to succeed and work in their field of passion.

In cohesion to opening up more jobs, Clinton also wanted to make higher education more attainable. Clinton mentioned that she developed a plan with former opponent Bernie Sanders to “make public college tuition-free for working families.” Clinton’s plans for education also involve working to lower student debt or completely diminish it because higher education should not be a burden.

Next, she shifted her speech to a heavier note and addressed the ongoing discrimination in today’s society. She believes that Americans should not be content with the progress made.

“Too many young black men and women are made to feel like their lives are disposable.” said Clinton. “Too many immigrants are living in fear of deportation. Too many young LGBT Americans are bullied. Too many young women and men are sexually assaulted on campus or in the military or at home.”

Clinton reassured that she indeed cares about working to fix the most important issues with the help of the younger generation.

Lastly, Clinton encouraged millennials to register to vote, as she claims that “not voting is not an option.” She reminded them that it is going to be a close election, so every vote will count. Clinton is right in that millennials should register and vote on Nov. 8.



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