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Cuomo is “No Mo’” as he resigns his position as Governor of New York amidst sexual assault allegations

The resignation of New York State governor, Andrew Cuomo, was received August 10 following multiple sexual harassment allegations and other unlawful violations. Cuomo was accused by 11 different women who spoke up about the unwarranted advances, groping and comments made by Cuomo. These women were inspired by the “Me Too” movement; this movement involves bringing awareness to the bouts of sexual assault many women have endured by the same or different male figure. The Attorney General for the state of New York, Letitia James, found these allegations to be legitimate. As powerful as Cuomo was, these women speaking together about similar experiences with Cuomo brought about his resignation and loss of ability to run for governor again.

            The “Me Too” movement began in 2006 but began to go viral in 2017. The hashtag “#MeToo” was trending on Twitter for months since it became a viral sensation. This movement has since been active, allowing thousands of women across the United States, who were affected in some way to take back their lives. This organization aides in the changing of laws and policies, awareness of sexual assault and ensures the media will cover major allegations such as those with Cuomo. This movement has also provided insight as to how many women are truly affected by sexual assault.

            If asking any woman how she feels about sexual assault, there will most likely be the same or similar answer: sexual assault scars women for life. It is the worst possible event a woman can experience and it creates a fear of men that follows you for the rest of your life. There are more statements that could be made about sexual assault, but each will lead to the same result.
            As a woman who has never personally experienced sexual assault, the experience is unknown. There are many women who have experienced sexual assault and shared their stories outside of the “Me Too” hashtag. The stories are not happy to hear and are truly terrifying.

            What happened with Cuomo was going to happen at some point in his career, albeit, in the middle of a pandemic where stress is already high. The Me Too movement creates the environment to allow these women to face men like Cuomo; men in power who should know right from wrong. We should all know what consent is and how to use it properly. Cuomo got what he deserved. It comes as no surprise that Cuomo resigned as more allegations, not necessarily sexual, were coming out and ruining his reputation.
            The Me Too organization has offered so many women the help that they needed and the push for legal action against these men. There are women who will, unfortunately, abuse the system to get good men locked away. Cuomo was one of those good men, however, these 11 women have solid proof to back up their claims of sexual assault and harassment. The public should be repulsed by those women who have used the movement for selfish reasons.
            In short, the Me Too movement has helped many women to realize they are not alone; so many women across the country have experienced this in one way or another. Women can come together through this movement and bring justice to the men who think they are above the law.



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