Dating doctor makes house call to UWG

Photo Credit: David Coleman
Photo Credit: David Coleman

Everyone has a friend that is more natural at meeting people than they are. You know the one—they can walk up to anyone at a party and strike up a conversation. Before long, they not only have a phone number, but they have a date for their cousin’s wedding, too. Some people are just born with it. One of these people is the “Dating Doctor”, David Coleman.

Coleman came to speak at UWG this Wed., Nov. 12, about relationships in today’s online world. When looking for a relationship, he advised students not to mistake infatuation for love. He also warned that the person who tries the least in a relationship has the most control. If a partner is not trying enough, there is a conversation that needs to be had. These are what he considers the most important tips from his talk.

Coleman began working as a student activities director. One day, he went through a program called “Creative Dating” at a conference. Of the 80 or so people attending the event, more than half came up to him after he was done speaking and offered to pay him to come to their campuses and speak.

“I honestly believe that if you find your passion, and you learn to do it well enough, people will pay you to do it,” said Coleman. “And I was lucky enough to have that happen.”

Since then, he has had nearly 20 years of public speaking experience. He talks about more than just dating, though. His subjects range from time management to success and even a program geared towards soldiers transitioning to civilian life. He has been recognized as the National Collegiate Speaker of the Year 14 times by Campus Activities Magazine and The National Association for Campus Activities. He is also the only public speaker to have been named Campus Activities Magazine’s Entertainer of the Year. Before that, he was a regular guy who just knew how to talk to people.

“Let’s say that I got to know someone,” he said. “I might have a really good sense of who they’d really enjoy being with or dating. Then I could help those people meet. That’s kind of what I did.”

Coleman’s friends knew that they would have a better chance of meeting someone if he was with them. He would give them advice, and they would let him know what worked and what did not. Soon enough, he had a pretty good idea of what worked.

“I love what I do. I get to meet incredible people. I get to visit the world. I see wonderfully beautiful places, like UWG, and I get to see that kind of light bulb go off in people’s eyes when they hear something and it relates directly to their life.”



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