Delta Zeta Comes to UWG

Editor’s Note: The University and Delta Zeta are in the process of deciding the definite date of adding Delta Zeta to its Greek Life roster. No decisions have been made as final as of current. Fall 2013 is not the correct date.

Greek Life at the University of West Georgia will be adding a new sorority, Delta Zeta, to their community in the fall of 2013.

The Panhellenic Extension Committee invited three sororities to visit campus this semester in hopes of adding a new chapter to the Greek community.  Delta Zeta, Alpha Omicron Pi and Zeta Tau Alpha each held presentations open for the West Georgia community to attend and visited the campus and learn about Greek Life at UWG. After the presentations, the Committee, comprised of one member from each existing sorority on campus, decided that Delta Zeta would be joining UWG in the fall. According to Julianne Evelti, a Committee member, the decision process was difficult, but Delta Zeta stood out as the sorority that fit best with the UWG Greek community.

West Georgia is growing fast and 11 percent of the current student population at UWG is involved in a Greek organization. With the numbers continuing to increase, the idea of adding another sorority became more of a necessity. “We thought it would be better to have more chapters, rather than huge chapters of just a small amount of girls,” said Evelti.

“I think that the transition of bringing a new sorority on campus will be smooth and I think that it will help the Panhellenic community grow as a whole rather than tear down,” said Andrew Cosey, Graduate Assistant for Greek Life.

UWG made this transition for the first time when they added Sigma Kappa sorority to campus in the fall of 2011. The members of the Committee and others involved with Greek Life at UWG are ready for the addition. “I think that it is still going to be a learning experience, but now I feel that the community’s reaction is going to be ten times better than it was the first time with Sigma Kappa,” said Cosey.  “Those girls have already been through the process of establishing themselves on campus as a new sorority and those girls can be a tool to help these new girls along the way.”

Adding another organization to the Greek community on campus is a long process and requires cooperation and assistance. “The process is a total collaboration with all of the existing chapters, including Panhellenic, working together to make the new one feel prepared and at home,” said Cosey. The new addition is also a good marketing tool for the University, giving students even more reasons to “Go West”. “Each new chapter we get gives students another opportunity to find something that they love.”



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