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“Disenchantment”is Back With the Release of its Fourth Season

Netflix released season four of “Disenchantment” in early February with three prior successful seasons. The show was created by Matt Groening and released its first season in 2018. Groening is also the developer of the famed shows, “The Simpsons” and “Futurama.” Groening had tackled the future and present with his previous shows but he had never created content for the past.

The show’s plot is set in the medieval period. Bean, the princess over the Kingdom of Dreamland, must find herself in a world set against her every move. Along the way, she finds two friends, Elfo and Lucy, to help her through her harrowing journey of becoming a better version of herself and saving her kingdom and father.

Jumping into the fourth season, “Disenchantment” reintroduces the audience to the utter chaos from the previous season, with Bean in hell preparing to become the Devil’s wife and Bean’s mother, Queen Dagmar, eagerly waiting for the final “I do.” Dagmar had to fulfill a prophecy with Hell by marrying Bean off to the Devil himself. While there is little information about the prophecy, Dagmar was adamant about proceeding with the wedding with her several attempts to recapture Bean whenever she ran away.

Bean eventually escapes, taking Elfo, Lucy and newly turned-protagonist Jerry, Dagmar’s younger brother. The four barely escape from Hell with their lives all within the first episode while tricking Dagmar to marry the Devil. The season takes various twists and turns, with Elfo finding his long-lost parents, Bean connecting with her darker inner self, and Bean’s father, King Zog, finding his past bear-woman lover and having a son.

Looking into the show’s characters, “Disenchantment” has quite a bit of diversity. The audience is given a slew of fun and mystical creatures in every episode, with season four introducing more creatures with the birth of Zog and his bear-wife Ursula’s son, Bear Boy. Zog and his new offspring form a close relationship as Zog passes his way of life to the boy. Bear Boy’s character eventually develops over time as he tries to fit into his new life in the castle, meeting his step-siblings along the way.

Another race introduced in the season is the race of sea trogs. Though the sea trogs are primarily given one episode, their storyline is incredibly intense, with Bean and her team visiting the creatures only to find out that the troggs trap and kill outsiders with their mating rituals. Eventually, the crew makes it out of their underwater death trap by the skin of their teeth. Bean’s character develops the most throughout the season, with her exploring her sexuality and whether or not she wants to become the Queen of Dreamland. Bean also battles her inner-self for the majority of the season, leaving audience members with quite a lot to think about what her character truly desires. Elfo also had an excellent development because of the rediscovery of his family. Elfo is forced to address his past trauma after reuniting with his family by finding out what caused them to split up in the first place. Eventually, Elfo is again able to find peace with his long-lost family members after a deadly battle with his now-blind brother.

In summary, season four of “Disenchantment” was adventurous and explorative. Amidst the criticism, the season still managed to please many audience members in the end with its fun characters and plot. Unfortunately for viewers, there is uncertainty about another season as Netflix has not yet renewed the show. Viewers will likely have to rally Netflix to earn the last season of “Disenchantment”.



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