Photo by Jonathan Miller

DragonCon Saves Lives

Photo by Jonathan Miller
Photo by Jonathan Miller


“We host the largest convention-based blood drive in the world.” Galen Unold is the Director of Recruitment and Retention for LifeSouth Community Blood Centers. “We’re proud to be a part of Dragon Con. We expect to draw over 2,500 donors this weekend.”

Dragon Con draws over 57,000 people from around the world to Atlanta to see celebrities, talk about their favorite science fiction television show, play board games, any number of reasons. Many of them choose to donate at one of the blood drive locations. Convention volunteers hold up signs and call out to con-goers to give blood.

“One donation saves three lives. Every two seconds someone in this country receives a blood transfusion. You truly are a hero. Since we’re at a convention with a bunch of superheroes, let’s be the real thing” says Galen.

“This is my 7th con. This blood drive every year gets bigger and bigger.”

Even though the LifeSouth staffers are busy processing the thousands of donations they receive this weekend, Galen finds a little bit of time to enjoy other parts of the con. “The best thing to do, if you do just one thing, is go watch the wrestling Friday nights. It’s crazy.”

The convention is over, but people can still give. More information on donation centers and events can be found at You can also give at one of the Red Cross drives hosted on the University of West Georgia campus.




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