Photo Courtesy by Eccentrix

Eccentrix Brings All Levels of Creativity to Campus

Photo Courtesy by Eccentrix
Photo Courtesy by Eccentrix

A new creative group, Eccentrix has been added to the list of many student organizations that are offered on campus at the University of West Georgia. Thought up by a group a group of students, this organization is a space for talented individuals to collaborate and bring an artistic voice to UWG. Eccentrix allows students to engage in a judgment free environment and express their creative talents through art.

“We welcome all forms of art,” said Shanel Scott, President of Eccentrix. “The purpose of the organization is to give the students, faculty, and staff the ability to express themselves through whatever art they choose.”

Eccentrix does not limit itself to only poets and singers. Whether you are a pianist, spoken word artist or an MC, this group yields its platform to all forms of creative expression. Eccentrix offers a unique atmosphere for freedom of expression through art in which both artists and art lovers alike can engage.

With over 160 student organizations on campus, Eccentrix sets itself apart by offering a family dynamic in which everyone encourages one another’s talents.

“The thing about creativity and art expression in Eccentrix is that we all feed off one another creating a momentous moment,” said Scott.

The members have big plans for the 2013 school year since it is their first. They will be teaming up with other organizations to bring different art events on campus, such as story time filled with spoken word, talent shows, open mic nights and art crawls to liven up the Carrollton nights.

Eccentrix is looking for creative and talented minds to join their organization. An ideal member of Eccentrix is just as uncanny as the name. Prospective members should be looking to get involved on campus, want to take their talent to the next level and spend time with like-minded individuals.

An interest meeting has been scheduled for Sept. 11. The final location of the meeting is undetermined but an event is in the works that is sure to engage the unconventional minds. Any student who has aspirations of joining the eccentric family that is Eccentrix or feel they can further help them increase their visibility is encouraged to visit with the Center for Student Involvement.




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