Eco Leaders Thrive

          Eco Leaders is a student led organization dedicated to sustainability and going green on campus.
          As climate changes, the idea of going green and environmental awareness has become as prominent as ever. Eco Leaders teaches students ways to combat environmental issues that will impact and connect them to communities nationwide.
         UWG Eco Leaders is a member of The National Wildlife Federation Eco-Leaders’. The NWF dedicate themselves to working with colleges nationwide to create greener and more sustainable campuses and communities.
         The UWG chapter provides hands on experience that encourages others to take a stand to make a difference. These hands on experiences teach students how to recycle and increase ecological security.
       “As an Eco Leader you will understand what it means to go green instead of just wearing the shirt or saying the motto,” said Ashley Dycus, faculty advisor for the UWG Eco Leaders.
         Dycus oversees the planning of the organization and is very open to students giving feedback to help her create new ideas that will further improve Eco Leaders. This is her second year advising the organization.
         In the last two years, membership for the club has more than double and shows that the work that the Eco Leaders is doing is starting to pay off.
        “I am very excited and hopeful for this year,” said Dycus. “This year we have money from SAFA and we’ve already done two outreach activities so far and we’re just in the first of September.”
        The organization is also planning a trip with U-Rec called “No Trace Left Behind” that will teach students how to be in nature without leaving a harmful mark behind them.
        The university also has a garden that the organization is looking forward to working in at least once a month. Working the garden will give students hands-on experience and a closer connection to the environment.
        Students interested in making West Georgia’s campus and community greener, can become members on and can attend the Eco Leaders monthly meeting.



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