Photo by Richard Morris

Economic Development Announcement Provides Boost for Local Business

Photo by Richard Morris

Carroll County has become the first county in the whole of the United States to have a joint aerospace venture with a Japanese company. Brian Dill, Vice President of Economic Development at the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, said “This was created out of a relationship with an existing company that goes back to both parties being involved in the Delta Airlines company for many years. It’s a great community development story of growing locally and globally.”

They’ll be jointly manufacturing fuel diverter valves and engine overhauls of commercial jet engines in the near future. This will benefit both companies involved, International Component Repair and IHI Corporation from Japan. This is also of particular interest to Atlanta residents as the merger has huge consequences for Delta Airlines.

Both phases of the merger will result in 25 new jobs for the Villa Rica and West Metro Atlanta region, this will result in an estimated economic impact of $10 million. It is also thought that this merger will bring more skilled aerospace jobs to the region, causing further investment.

“The addition of quality job opportunities for our workforce is tremendous,” stated Villa Rica Mayor Jay Collins. “The fact that these jobs are in the high tech field of aerospace means great things for our citizens and strengthens our ability to create a positive ‘live-work-play’ environment for our community.”

The project has been worked on since fall of last year, when Carroll Tomorrow started the work necessary for the merger to be completed. “It was also important that we emphasize to all parties the opportunity that a facility in Villa Rica, Ga. will have on the community and region,” said Loy Howard, Carroll Tomorrow Board Chairman. “As we continue to coordinate with ICR and IHI on future expansion opportunities, this will be a significant impact on our local workforce.”

“Commercial aerospace ventures are viewed as the next exciting phase of innovation for the growth of this industry in Georgia, so we are encouraged by the ICR and IHI collaboration,” said GDEcD Commissioner Chris Cummiskey. “We look forward to growth of this joint venture, and to the creation of additional meaningful work opportunities for Georgians. Aerospace remains strategic industry for Georgia, so this decision helps further position Georgia as a competitive location for all sectors of the aerospace industry.”

The 40,000 square foot joint venture facility is located at 330 West Industrial Court in Villa Rica with production slated to commence by the end of this year.



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