Editor-in-Chief Alum Returns for Media Day

Kayla Henderson dreamed of being a journalist since childhood. Now, she is returning to UWG for Media Day as a panelist.

Alanna King

Kayla Henderson dreamed of being a journalist since childhood. Now, she is returning to UWG for Media Day as a panelist.

“When I took the practicum, I took it my junior year,” says Henderson. “I was like, this is something I’ve always wanted to do. I always wanted to be Editor-in-Chief, but I didn’t think it was possible.”

The ‘22 alum was writing for The West Georgian as a practicum student when advisor Dr. John Sewell thought she would be a good fit for Editor-in-Chief and offered her the job. Henderson gladly accepted the position and ran the paper until her graduation.

Henderson’s time at The West Georgian offered herthe opportunity to be a part of the newsroom setting she always dreamed of. 

“It was something that was really important to me,” says Henderson. “I loved being able to see a different side of [things] and keep it alive. I miss being in that environment and getting to meet people and have a small, tiny part in every single thing that went into publishing.” 

Due to COVID-19, Henderson was only able to participate in one in-person Media Day while on staff The West Georgian. Being her senior year, she did not expect to gain much from the event. However, Media Day brought more opportunities than she anticipated. 

“I was just kind of like, I’m here for the paper, and we had our booth,” says Henderson. “I was talking to this lady named Charity Aaron who worked for the Carroll County School of Performing Arts Center. She told me that she worked for the paper when she went to West Georgia. I told her I was doing photography and wanted to be a photojournalist.” 

Aaron, went on to create a brand new internship program just for Henderson at the Performing Arts Center. She worked there during her final semester of college taking pictures for the organization. 

“It just goes to show that if you go and meet people and just talk to them, things can be created from you just by being there in the same space,” says Henderson. 

Henderson moved to Florida in August. She now works for the Walt Disney Company in the entertainment sector as a photographer for PhotoPass.

“It’s on a much bigger level than I’ve ever experienced,” says Henderson. “I think around 1,500 pictures a day just within my shift time. I do a lot of guest interaction. I meet people from all over the world and it’s truly like the coolest job ever.

“It’s super fun,” continues Henderson. “I feel like everything I do I can relate back to my major. So I try to use the things I learned in school, especially the networking aspect.” 

No matter where her career takes her, Henderson will always be proud of her time at The West Georgian.

 “I really care about the legacy of the paper and everything that The West Georgian does,” says Henderson. “It’s small but it’s important. It’s been around for so long. I miss it all the time.”



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