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Exit 9 Drops The Bass for Festival Season

Dubstep DJ Exit 9’s sound can only be explained as deep, beautiful bass with enough wobbles and wubs to keep your head spinning faster than a turntable. As the artist approaches nearly ten years in the industry, he’s proving he’s just getting started.

While Exit 9 has become one of Atlanta’s gems, the New Jersey native landed in Georgia by accident during his time in the military.

“My last duty station brought me to Ft. Benning, Ga.,” says Exit 9. “I loved the music scene here so much. I used to go to Iris most Saturdays, Quad and Kingdom Rave. I decided to stay in Georgia after I finished my service since I was getting a lot of bookings in the southeast and I was working on throwing my own events, putting experimental, weird bass music in the spotlight.”

 The artist has deep roots in DJing, going back to his father’s teachings during his adolescence. While his father wanted him to eventually work for his DJ and dance company, Exit 9 saw rapping as his future and grew a passion for writing lyrics.

“I ended up going back to DJing because I’d go to parties with friends and I’d always be controlling the music while everyone else got intoxicated or flirted with girls,” says Exit 9. “I was always at the stereo playing music I had on CD or mp3. Then eventually I decided to purchase DJ equipment and put the aux cord down for good.” Exit 9 then went on to DJ college parties and bars, growing more and more serious about the profession.

 His love for the dubstep sub genre was also a gift from the military. “I didn’t get into dubstep until one of the other soldiers in my unit introduced it to me while we were in Iraq,” says Exit 9. “My next combat tour, one of my soldiers played me drum & bass, old dubstep and Bassnectar and that was it. Dubstep, gangster rap and metal were our soundtracks while on missions or working out. I was hooked!”

  As festival season rolls around this year, Exit 9 proclaims his excitement for upcoming Imagine festival, an annual EDM festival thrown in Georgia on Sept. 15-18. The festival features primarily dubstep DJs but has house, trap and melodic artists on the lineup as well. While the festival regularly hosts EDM legends such as Excision and Subtonics, local artists like Exit 9 are supported as well.

“Everyone just needs to go to Imagine or you’re doing yourself and your life a great disservice,” says the artist. Exit 9 is playing a silent disco set at Imagine this year and has been returning to the festival every year since its inception.

 “I know the hard work these people put into making it happen every year because I have worked closely with them and been behind the scenes as well…It’s one of the tightest knit groups I’ve ever been a part of and it’s only going to continue getting better!”

 Exit 9 has events lined up for the remainder of 2022, including playing support for Space Wizard, G-Space and Smith at Believe Music Hall this fall. He’s hosting bi-monthly events at Aisle 5 with longtime friend and partner Ployd. Be sure to check him out at Imagine’s 2 a.m. campground set this Saturday.



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