Expanding literary love in Carroll County

Photo Credit: Larissa Peterson

With the development of e-readers and other various electronic reading apps, physical books are becoming less and less popular. One organization is on a mission to combat this by inspiring communities to love reading again and remind them of the joy of turning a page in a book.

A recent addition to Adamson Square is the Little Free Library in front of Gallery Row Coffee. Have you ever wondered how it got there, or if there were others around the county? There are actually six Little Free Libraries scattered throughout Carroll County.

Little Free Library is a worldwide organization, which places “book houses” in communities with a “give-a-book, take-a-book” policy. These Little Free Libraries became a mission to spread the love of books to everyone in the community. LittleFreeLibrary.org is where you can find all the Little Free Libraries across the world along with the organizations mission statement and goals.

The Carroll County’s first Little Free Library was installed at Adamson Square on May 1, 2013. Since then, five more have been added in the community. James Porter spearheaded the campaign for installing Little Free Libraries around Carroll County. Porter was inspired by the Little Free Library while he was in Quebec.

Porter proposed the idea for the “book houses” to the City Manager and the West Georgia Regional Library and the City Council approved it. There is a plaque on each of the free libraries showing that each are registered with the world-wide Little Free Library organization.

“The goal is to promote reading and to re-establish the idea of enjoying a book and then passing it along to others to enjoy,” Porter said.

Porter’s goal was to inspire the appreciation of reading in children. The Free Little Libraries are easily accessible and fun for kids to use, but they are not just for children; the give-a-book, take-a-book policy ensures that there are books for adults as well. Anyone can donate books to the Little Free Library.

The six Little Free Libraries around the Carrollton community continue to do just that. Anyone who is interested in picking up a book from one of the Little Free Libraries can go to any of the six locations. The Little Free Library locations include Adamson Square in front of Gallery Row Coffee, in front of City Hall on Bradley Street, the Carrollton Senior Center, the Boys and Girls Club, the West Carrollton Recreation Center and the Carrollton Junior High School.



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