Photo by Tiffany Robinson

Far Out is Going Farther Out: Glenn Sadler

Photo by Tiffany Robinson

Ever felt like music can sometimes control and manipulate the mood of your current state? Making you feel drunk even when you are sober, high when you are sane or sad when there’s clearly no reason as to why? Glenn Saddler definitely has a gift of magically swaying the sun, moon, clouds, and rain into daydreams. Beats made of cartoon-like, imaginary-bliss, slightly soothing your conscious thoughts. You’ll find yourself consuming this artist with goals of painting pictures and telling stories. Influenced by movies, top rappers like Kanye West and Jay-Z as well as top bands such as Passion Pit and The Antlers, even artists such as James Blake, and Saddler’s creativity have a wide range of ammunition to fire off amazing works like “Anthem” which released June 17, 2012.

Fabricating today’s indie music with merges of free flowing harmonies, relatable subject matter and artistic tone, Saddler embodies the emotions of his listeners. Saddler makes it clear through song that it is okay to make mistakes and explore every realm of life through the struggle of finding ones true self. He has taken his journey of growing, to illustrate childhood memories, present day problems, and ambition through confessionals within his music. Partnering with artist Bias the Black and Tobias Harris, their own group, Father Out was created in February 2006.

“My buddy Dev and I used to write movie scripts and music video treatments when we were in high school. He ended up going through something senior year that forced him to take a break. Bias and I started rapping after that to fill the time and we’ve been rapping ever since,” Saddler said.

Currently, Glenn Saddler has a new song coming out very soon called, “The Montagues” and a solo EP releasing in a month called, “Know Better.” In addition, he is producing Bias the Black’s next project, “Black Hoodie” and working on Father Out’s album scheduled to release sometime this year. As a member and co-founder of Farther Out, he encourages his fans to support and enjoy amazing experiences at their upcoming shows.

“So all the projects we talked about earlier, we’ve got a show coming up on February 28th at Smith Old Bar in Atlanta. Then we’re headed to SXSW (South by Southwest Conferences and Festivals) the second week of March. Then we have a show at the Drunken Unicorn at some point in March, but I’m not sure about the date yet. Oh, and you should come because we’re really excited and you should be too! And don’t forget to follow us at,” Saddler said.

With supportive managers Isaiah Fofana and Devan Pinckney, Saddler keeps high hopes of succeeding with high energy and innovative collaborations with other artist like Bias the Black, Kyle Drew, Chris Mac and Ray Harrison, who are also apart of the Farther Out family.

“I’m hoping that these next run of shows are something new and different,” said Saddler.



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