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Feminism at its Finest: ‘Moxie’ Movie Review

Female empowerment has become a common theme in today’s society. Netflix’s Moxie tells the tale of a group of high school girls who are tired of the unfair gender roles bestowed upon the student population. High school rebellion pairs nicely with feminism in this coming-of-age film.

Moxie is the story of a shy high schooler named Vivian who has her eyes opened to the misogynistic ways in which girls and boys are treated in her school. To combat these unfair standards, Vivian creates a feminist club called “Moxie” in which she organizes a newsletter geared towards the females in her school. In the newsletter, she urges the student body, especially the girls, to take action against the unfair equality at the school. Actions that include drawing hearts and stars on their hands, and school wide walk outs to show that they stand with the female population. 

One of the many reasons why this movie is a success is that it plays off of the prominent theme of the Me Too movement. The movie helps to give light to an important cause that has swept the nation in recent years. It puts the movement into the perspective from a teenager’s point of view, which allows for younger audiences to be able to grasp its concept. It also gives the older audience the chance to see how the movement and gender standards affect today’s youth.

This film has hit the nail on the head when it comes to the theme of “sticking it to the man.” Everyone loves a good rebellion story, whether that be in the form of The Patriot or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  The audience wants to see the underdog overcome the oppression and win the battle. In Moxie, exactly this happens, as in the end, the girls of the school start changing how the adults view the gender rules and the boys see how unfair the rules are.

The movie is also one of finding out where one fits in the world. In high school, everyone is trying to figure themselves out and learn what they want to do with their lives. Vivian struggles with trying to do what is right and trying to do what she has been told is right from the adult figures at the school. She comes to the conclusion that the environment at her high school is not one of inclusivity and that someone needs to be the one to start the revolution. While watching the film I sympathized with her in this regard because we have all struggled to find our place in the world and have wanted to be the one to stand up for what is right.

The film sends the message to the population, young girls especially, that they have the power to change the world. It gives hope to those that watch and instills the value that everyone should be treated equally. It gives light to a narrative that needs changing to fit with the society that we want to live in today.

In the end, Moxie is a movie that is going to have people coming back for more. It’s heartwarming, rebellious and gives hope that just one person can be the beginning of change. Netflix has certainly created another hit that the entire family can enjoy.



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