Fifty-One Shades of Love

We have been told as we grew up that the generations of our parents and grandparents are the greatest generations. Now it has become all so apparent to me that we, the millennials, are the greatest generation. Our generation is coming to realize that the world is not entirely black and white. We see shades of gray all between and are finally starting to embrace it.

As we have grown as a society, the blurring lines of black and white have become apparent in the LGBT community’s continued struggle for equality. We have came a long way, and people’s love preferences are more accepted than ever; but we must not get caught up in our achievements and forget the goal. We must push even further until one day our brothers and sisters who are a part of the LGBT community and anything in between will be able to live freely without any social restrictions. They must be given the right to love whoever they wish without society dictating the terms of their relationships.

We are still living in a time where the rules and order of the previous generations are enforced. But as we slowly take control of the world, we can change the world for the better. As my father always said, “Determination is a mighty powerful thing.” That is what our generation needs.

We need the determination to stick with our brothers and sisters in their struggle, even if the benefits do not directly affect us. If we set our minds to something, there is nothing we cannot do. We must stand in support of them, and aid in the struggle when necessary.  To do this, we must not forget what it is that makes our generation great. It is not our relentless self-obsession or highly emotional nature, but instead it is our amazing ability to love, understand what we can, and accept what we cannot.

As a straight person, it is often hard to understand the feelings of a gay or lesbian person. Just because we cannot fully understand something does not mean that it should be dismissed. My inability to understand does not negate my ability to empathize with those who do. Love is a beautiful thing. It is, or at least should be, free of any restrictions. Love is love no matter what sort of a label you put on it.

We are the generation of 51 shades of gray in the spectrum of love. There are so many different types of love: the kind that you have for a dear friend, the love for a family member, there is straight love, and gay and lesbian love. No matter what type of love there is, love is love. Who is anyone to challenge the love one human being feels for another? If I can love whoever I want, why should society dictate whom another man or woman loves? It is not essential to understand their reasoning for their love. All one must understand is that their feelings are just as real as the feelings you have for the people you love.

When we are finally able to overcome our differences and embrace each other as brothers and sisters we will be able to stand together in unity and demand universal equality. We will be able to revolutionize the world. However, our most pressing issue must be accepting that the world is no longer black and white, but instead 51 shades of gray. We may not see all of the shades of gray, but we should not abandon those who do see what we cannot. We must stand together, and demand acceptance and equality for everyone. We all deserve some shade of love.




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