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Film and Video Production Degree Introduced at UWG

The School of Communication, Film and Media has introduced the Film and Video Production degree which allows students interested in pursuing a degree in film an entirely hands-on approach in learning.             

“What was then a department is now a school,” said Deon Kay, Associate Dean and Associate Professor for the School of Communications, Film and Media. “Film is a very skill intensive discipline. We want [the degree] to provide students with a pathway to go deeper into the film discipline.”           

This degree has its own pathway with nine classes being skills intensive while the other three are technical. Students in this degree will still have to take classes such as media law, media ethics and so on.

“We have a concentration in film and video production which is still within more like a mass communications degree,” said Kay. “With the understanding that some students would like slightly more breadth in their studies.

“[The degree] is for those students who would like to go deeper into filmmaking,” continued Kay. “There is a degree program in addition to the concentration. We created a degree program that has more required skills and specific classes that students need to take in order to graduate.”

Between the two options for film, neither is better than the other; rather it solely depends on what the student wants for their ideal career path. “It depends on their career aspirations,” said Kay. “We have had many successful graduates come through the concentration who probably would have benefited from being in the degree program.”



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