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Forging for the New West

Photo Credit: UWG
Photo Credit: UWG

With his first year as University President completed, Dr. Kyle Marrero awaits his official inauguration ceremony on Friday, Sept. 19. The ceremony signifies the beginning of a new era at the University of West Georgia.

This year brings many significant changes in staff and the student body, but overall, Marrero hopes to dedicate this year to developing a sense of pride and community. Most inaugurations for university officials take place within their first year in office, but for Marrero, waiting a few extra months is an advantage towards his goals for the school year.

“Part of the strategic planning is connecting campus to community and reaching out to our alumni.” Marrero said. “Instead of creating a whole new set of events, we decided to capitalize on the events that are already there and really build it as an opportunity to reach out to our alumni for not only homecoming, but also the inaugural events.”

As he reflects on his first year at UWG, Marrero recalls hours of strategic planning, which he looks forward to applying this year to truly transform this university.

“Last year was a year of providing the vision. This year is the implementation.”

He compares the situation to planting a garden. He describes last year as the time to plan what they were going to plant, and now the time has come to actually plant the seeds and get their hands dirty.

A rejuvenated mission statement for the university summarizes the goals of this new era, directing UWG to “aspire to be the best comprehensive university in America – sought after as the best place to work, learn and succeed!”

Marrero takes these words to heart and believes through positive energy and enthusiasm that UWG can grow to represent more than just an institution; he envisions a strong sense of community for students, staff, alumni and the citizens of Carrollton with opportunities for academic, professional and personal success.

The university seeks to prepare students for their post-graduate lives in the real world, but Marrero also wants to create places of memory at West Georgia. Most students look at our university as place to take a few core before transferring to a bigger or more well known university, which drastically decreases student involvement and graduation rates. One of the goals of this new era involves increasing student participation and pride by developing a sense of community on campus that many larger universities have. We are, after all, a wolf pack.

Marrero speculates for the year ahead.

He said, “I think what you will feel through all of our efforts is a true commitment to the inevitable outcome of your success.”

With the installment of the new Bronze Wolf monument, the exciting changes in the athletic department and the motivated faculty, this semester is proving itself the prime opportunity to forge the new west.



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