Freestyle Funny Comedy Show Returned to UWG

Photo Credit: UWG SAC
Photo Credit: UWG SAC

Note: This article has been edited for profanity

Just after midterms, heading right into spring break, the crew of Freestyle Funny Comedy Show teased students with a brief comic relief that released tension from the semester. The four guys—Darren “Big Baby” Brand, Demar “Osama Bin Drankin” Rankin, Brian “B Daht” McLaughlin and Anthony “Chico” Bean, of Nick Cannon’s Wild & Out—the show had the crowd rolling over with non-stop laughter during their ‘improv’ comedy skits and jokes. The rising stand-up comedians have reached over 50 schools in the past couple of years. Annually coming to “West Bumbaf–k,” as they would say, has always been an amazing experience.

What students loved most about the show is that the hour and a half long act does not get old. With comics who are constantly throwing shade towards each other and the audience, you can never predict what is next. The annual SAC (Student Activities Council) event is always something students look forward to aside from the Campus Center’s usual evening of panels, speeches and lectures.

“I go see the guys every year that they come to UWG,” sophomore Tiara Hardeman mentioned after the show. “This time I’m going to get their picture and autograph and subscribe to their YouTube channel.”

The set opened up with a behind-the-scenes camera on Demar making out with Dora the Explorer then Chico Bean lashing out into the crowd picking on random people to roast. The show works like this: the guys require crowd participation to go along with their vulgar jokers and assist with the competitive games. It is sort of like MTV’s Wild n’ Out.

“I was asking what do y’all do for fun here,” Chico goes on to ask students. “Somebody told me about a place called Olympus. I don’t know if that is a real place, but they told me that’s a place where y’all do kickbacks.”

A student goes on to respond, “Yup and I’m having one tomorrow,” before giving a brief excerpt on the benefits of safe sex.

Making students feel right at home, yet a little uneasy, the audience was caught off guard when the next on-stage comic, Big Baby, playfully groped a student in the audience. He engaged in a full-fledged conversation with students on his research about the national average time that sex lasts, which is only three minutes. There was also a Maury skit, which was also pretty hilarious.

The best part about the show had to be the improv games the comics played with the UWG students.

“For me, trying to remember jokes I came up with a week before a show is like a dude with a bad hangover trying to remember how he ended up with one of the zombies from the ‘Thriller’ video in his bed,” Chico mentioned on the FFCS home page.

The vibe of the four comedians makes the show unique to any other college-based stand-up comedies. From B Daht’s popular prank phone calls to Osama Bin Drankin’s ratchet inebriated-like antics, the show was the perfect entertainment easing into the last quarter of the semester.

The most effective ways to gain students’ attention is by understanding the way we communicate. Sometimes it takes a little foolishness to get young adults to listen to the message. Enjoy some of the best days of your life, make good decisions and most importantly-have safe sex.

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