From Walter Cronkite to Kim Kardashian

The flashing of cameras overwhelm what is in view, visions are blurred, but have finally come together. Headlines are broadcasted all over every news outlet from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. What could this news story possibly be?

In recent years, the United States has not only decreased in revenue, but in the quality of our news content. The people of our nation have allowed our news coverage to be consumed in what can only be described as utter filth. Let us not discuss how our deficit has plummeted or how our soldiers are being taken from their families, but rather let us discuss about who designed the dress that Kim Kardashian will be wearing for her third wedding. The connections between the two are completely opposite, and yet the newspapers and magazines are flying off of the shelves. Perhaps the news outlets are failing so much that they have to sell out to this cheap entertainment, or perhaps the visions are being blurred from those that are feeding into this frenzy.

The timing of these celebrity stories is also very convenient with the timing of the stories that have surfaced about our government and overseas. There is a possibility that this timing is a coincidence; however, it is likely that our news stories are being planted for a particular reason. Could these celebrity stories be serving as a distraction from what is actually happening in our government?

The most recent example of this theory occurred during the week of Sept. 2. According to the news stories on CNN, “ISIS releases a video showing the beheading of U.S. journalist Steven Stoloff.” Ironically, two days later actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton were being targeted for having nude photos that were leaked to the public and became a topic of conversation across the board. News of the celebrity scandal was splashed all over social media, and the story about the ISIS video became seemingly obsolete.

It is terrifying to imagine what our nation will look like in the future if the material that is being reported on continues. What happened to the days of Walter Cronkite, where as soon as the news broke, the nation knew about it and were able to formulate an opinion about it? It would be interesting to see just how many college students—the future of the U.S.—could actually hold a formal argument about what is happening in our government. It is likely that the conversation would not last long. Not to say that every student could not carry on the conversation, but the vast majority would potentially fail the challenge.

So how does this pattern of ignorance end? Learn to think for yourself. Our youth has become so dependent on someone else telling them what their opinion should be or that they can only think a certain way, and they are accepting this notion. The content shown on reality television is not actual reality. The only blurred lines are the ones that are occurring between the entertainment industry, where it has crossed over into what should be national or global news. It is time to stop keeping up with the Kardashians, and keep up with news that is relevant to the future of our nation.



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