From West Georgia to Animon Island

Photo Credit: Animon
Photo Credit: Animon

If you are looking for a new distraction to kill time between classes or to sharpen your procrastination skills, keep your eyes open for Animon Island’s debut in The App Store within the next few months. Two UWG students have been working hard for the past year to help develop app, and their efforts are soon to be showcased upon its release.

Nathan Trippe, a computer science major at UWG, has been working with his father, Alan Trippe, the founder of Trippin’ Software. The company has already released several successful gaming apps, such as Crazy Poppers. Nathan Trippe recruited Mack Jarvis, an art major at UWG, and together they came up with the concept for Animon Island.

The goal for the game was to create something blending Pokemon with puzzling challenges like Bejeweled and Puzzle & Dragons. You can choose which character you take a journey with, and each one has his or her own story and characteristics. Also each “animon” features a distinctive design and unique powers.

While Alan Trippe writes most of the code, Nathan Trippe and Jarvis team up to create the plot line, backstories, and different perspectives. They sketch and design the characters and then bring them to life through animation and vector programs. They also spend a lot of time doing data entry to make things run smoothly.

“Nathan and I serve as a sort think tank for the development process,” said Jarvis. “We want to make the characters relatable and the game an overall enjoyable experience for the players.”

Animon Island has yet to be released in the United States’ app market, but it has already made its way into the Canadian and Australian market. This allows Trippin’ Software to really work out the kinks and develop a strong game before it reaches the United States.

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