G-Up: Bringing the Community Together

Going Up Entertainment, or G-Up, is an organization led by students that are familiar with marketing and promotions. G-Up is working to make some changes in the atmosphere at UWG. The organization does this by staying involved in community service and hosting themed events to bring the community together.  

“We are building this organization to change the culture at the University of West Georgia so it is easier for students to have a safe place to socialize and have fun,” G-Up leader Prince Smoot said. “We want to help businesses around the community build their customer profiles as well through better interactions with students.” 

Going Up Entertainment recently held an event named Back to the 2ks where students could socialize and enjoy music from the early 2000s to the present. This marked the organization’s third and most successful project of the semester thus far.  

“We used marketing and business management techniques, so it is easier for us to communicate and promote our projects,” Smoot said. “As a group we use what we learned to get the word out. Everybody plays a position because it is a business. We spread the word, contact each other for information, and provide ideas for the events we host. We had to find out what interests the community and the student body.”  

Smoot also knows that G-Up’s recent event success was due to the marketing techniques utilized to promote the event around campus.  

“We utilized social media, word of mouth, made our flyers and had to reach out to the school’s population first hand,” Smoot said. “We really try to reach out to everyone in the community because we want to have a diverse consumer base. That’s something that comes from marketing too. The event would not have been as successful if we had not taken the initiative to use the things we learned. For our first events we worked with Li Moni’s business. Currently, we are working with Sammy’s Midnight Bar and Grill for our upcoming Saturday events.” 

G-Up Promotion’s influence will expand over time through the experience they are able to gain from putting together each event. The process of promoting successfully was learned through trial and error. 

“Getting the results we wanted was kind of hard. Getting people to come to our events was difficult at first. We would spread the word as much as possible, but it depended on who would take the time to show up,” Smoot said. “We learned that social media plays a huge part in promoting. We are using that knowledge by implementing any social media platforms to reach more students and people in the community because it is one of the top resources we have to get information out there.”  

Going Up Entertainment will continue to promote its services and brand by reaching out to the students at UWG. 



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