Generation Generalization

Each generation comes with its own name and group of stereotypes. Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are no exception to the rule. This group is known for many things including being spoiled, privileged, lazy and disrespectful. However, “millennial” students at the University of West Georgia have strived to break this stereotype.


Stepping out and making plans for an uncertain future proves to be difficult at any age. Student-ran businesses have sprung up across the campus.These students took on the role of breaking the odds and working hard to begin their business ventures at an early age.


Wakeelah Haamid, a junior at the UWG, has recently opened her own pasta bowl business named Southern Italy. Along with her new business, she is a full time student with two other jobs. She tries to keep a healthy social life as well. Contrary to stereotypes, Haamid is not lazy nor perceived to be spoiled or privileged. At 21-years-old, Haamid focused her energy on achieving goals that society believed would be too hard for women like her based on a generation generalization.
            “I was working my 9 to 5 job one day when I decided that I wanted to make my own money,” said Haamid. “Then I thought to myself that everybody loves pasta. Why not start a pasta business?”


When she referred to her own money, Haamid meant money that didn’t have to go towards her rent, car or other responsibilities. As a junior in college, Haamid dedicates her time to bettering herself as a student, worker, friend and sister.


“My biggest sacrifice is adjusting to my sleep schedule,” said Haamid. “But budgeting and managing my time and money before each step has been a great learning opportunity.”


Other students have pursued different areas of interest. Several students started blogs for various reasons including hair, makeup, how-to videos and lifestyle. Students enjoy this route because of the comfort of being home, making their own hours and showcasing their talents.


All of these could contribute to the idea that Generation Y have a self-centered nature. However, being a vlogger or being an active YouTuber requires a lot of attention, work and sacrifice. When someone chooses to dedicate their life to vlogging, income isn’t promised in the beginning.


Even though Millennials are thought to be lazy and self-involved, that can be true for any person in any generation. Students at UWG have decided that they won’t be a part of a generalization of their generation. The majority have worked hard to begin a business doing hair or make-up. Making music or writing words meant to transform someone. They have begun to reshape the thinking process of generations before and after them.



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