Get Your Fit On

       Many students may know that UWG provides UREC for physical development, growth, and health, but what students may not know is that there is an opportunity through the schedule of group fitness to potentially become an instructor, trainer or a paid employee with educational benefits.
      In 2018, UREC has created an online diversified group fitness schedule that will be constant throughout the entire semester. The schedule includes the day of the week and time that a particular class can be joined. The classes offered are HIIT Training, Line Dancing, Yoga, Hip Hop Dance, Ultimate Abs, Cycle, Butts and Guts, Choreo Jazz, Dance Fit, Cardio and Dance, and more.
     These classes are designed to exhibit student’s passion for whatever gets them moving and active. Each class is specifically designed for the student’s needs and what they enjoy on a personal level.
    “If you like to dance, hip hop dance or dance fit is a good choice,” said Alysia Simmons, a current yoga instructor and employee of UREC. “If you want to cool down, go to yoga. Butts and guts is a great lower body workout. Each class here is for someone. If a student is interested in being an instructor, go to the class first, talk to the instructor and show them your interest. We are always hiring instructors. You don’t need experience to get hired just a passion for the class. You don’t even have to have a certificate to teach the class.”
      Most students do not know about these opportunities unless they already attend UREC or they pass by and see a schedule of fitness flyer.
   “We are working on advertising it more. We don’t want to create confusion, but we do want students to be aware of the endless possibilities that the REC center offers,” said Drew Powell, Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness.
There is a system pertaining to getting a job at the UREC, even though previous experience is not required.
    “I got the job with no experience. I just had a passion for it,” said Simmons. “Then they sent me through a ten hour training course, and after teaching it with no certification, they offered to pay for me to get my certification. Now, I also work as a part-time employee to sign people in and out of the REC center and I get paid while I’m able to study and do my homework during down time.”
     There are also opportunities for students to find their own pathways and educational careers to pursue personal training through the University.
     “Although, the certification isn’t itself provided through the University, the fundamental information needed to pass the certification test, can be taken through the University as a tuition-paid-health-class,” said Powell. Although, students are paying for the class, it will better prepare them for the test instead of doing it on their own. The cost is also spread out, so students do not have to fork out thousands of dollars all at once to get their certification to personal train through ACE.”
     The UREC provides an outlet to fitness education experiences that students can take advantage of during their educational experience at UWG.



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