Get Your Game On!

The UWG game room has always been an exciting and fun time for all students to come and take a break from their busy college lives. Located on the bottom floor of the Campus Center, the game room has recently received a new and improved makeover.  

Multiple gaming computers have been added with a wide variety of online games. These new computers replaced where the couch and television were previously located in the back of the room.  With the current rise in E-Sports, this is a perfect place for aspiring gamers to come and hone their craft. 

If PC gaming is not your preferred method of playing games, the game room also offers console systems.. In total, the room consists of two Playstation 4’s, two Xbox Ones and one Nintendo Switch. Console gaming has been around since the 1980s, and many students grew up playing previous versions of these three consoles. With a large number of games for each console, the fun will never run out. 

The game room also offers many other games for everyone to enjoy. They have tabletop games such as billiards, air hockey, table tennis or foosball. Traditional board games are also available like Monopoly, Life, Sorry and many more. Classic card games can also be played among friends. 

Spending time in the game room is a great way to relax after school. It’s an instant escape from stress and an excellent way to spend time with friends. 

Accessibility into the game room is very easy for students at UWG. Once arriving, a student ID card must be shown to the staff in order to access the computers or games that are open and available to play. However, if a particular item is in use by another student, there are a multitude of other options that should be available. If you have access to a computer or gaming console, the equipment must be returned first before being allowed to switch to some other type of game.  

These exciting new options are a great way to spend time on campus. Whether you enjoy competing fiercely on the consoles, playing online in the new E-sports corner, playing a board game or game of cards, the game room is a great place to hang out with friends or meet new people.  

The game room is open seven days a week and closes between 6:45 p.m. and 11:15 p.m, depending on the day. For more detailed operating hours, the schedule is posted on the door or online at the official UWG home page. 



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