Google Fiber comes to Atlanta: competition responds

Photo Credit: Google Fiber
Photo Credit: Google Fiber

In response to the recent news that Google Fiber is planning a rollout for its service in the Atlanta area, Comcast has announced its own version of the gigabit service.

Google Fiber, formerly the most impressive gigabit Internet service, still has not set a date for its supposed rollout for the service. However, Comcast is set to begin providing a blazing 2 gigabytes per second to homes in Atlanta by the beginning of May.

A reported 1.5 million customers will have this service accessible to them, leaving the Google Fiber alternative a day late and a dollar short. The Comcast Gigabit Pro will keep citizens of Atlanta on the cutting-edge of technology.

At the moment, Atlanta is the hub for increasing Internet speeds. Comcast is beginning its rollout in Georgia making it the most interesting place for web surfing in America at the moment.

In order to compete with Google, Comcast found it necessary to double the Internet speed of its competition. Not only was it the easiest way to make a splash in a market begging for the speed increase, but it keeps the Comcast Network in a favorable position amongst being demonized for its role in the Net Neutrality proceedings.

Though Google Fiber is an experimental project of Google, it was thought of as a promising novel idea. Now the company’s rollout has been stifled and some what spoiled.

Other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have begun to rollout premium Internet services to respond. AT&T, though not in the Atlanta area, will be expanding their premium service to parts of California, but is already available for customers in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas; Kansas City, Mo; and Raleigh-Durham and Winston-Salem, N.C.

AT&T has expressed plans to expand to Atlanta; Charlotte and Greensboro, N.C.; Houston and San Antonio; Chicago; Jacksonville and Miami, Fla.; Nashville, Tenn.; and St. Louis, Mo.

As a result those able to enjoy the age of expanding Internet speeds in Atlanta should take advantage. And if it’s in your monthly budget, you be able to surf at speeds desirable to the rest of the country.




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