Have a Little Heart

Alexz Johnson, a Canadian singer/songwriter living in Brooklyn, N.Y. and currently on her first European tour, has released her second EP titled Heart. This EP holds four tracks called “American Dreamer,” “This is Heartache,” “Nothin’ on Me” and “Thank You for Breaking My Heart.”

Johnson’s tunes on Heart are in no way disappointing. Whether you are listening to the emotional ballad “Nothin’ on Me” or tapping your foot to the chipper sound of “This is Heartache,” Johnson’s melodies and moving lyrics are sure to have you humming along. Even though this EP is a sneak peek of what is to come on her upcoming album later this year, the songs on Heart will have you addicted and anticipating more from her.

“American Dreamer,” the single released from Heart, is a cheerful tune that invites listeners to enjoy the simple things in life. Whether it’s hanging out with your friends or watching your favorite show, “American Dreamer” helps to influence you to go with the flow instead of worrying about the drama.

Besides “American Dreamer,” “This is Heartache” is another song that leaves you in a good mood. Although Johnson sings about heartache, her lyrics imply that anyone can get over a breakup. Even though there can be reminders of your boyfriend or girlfriend, Johnson reminds those suffering that any breakup is possible to overcome.

“Troubles come/Shadows strain/But in the end/It’s got nothin’ on me.” These inspirational lyrics from Johnson’s soulful hit “Nothin’ on Me” is one of the best songs on Heart and my personal favorite. For me, the opening of this track reminds me of an old church song that the deacons or elders would sing. If her vocals don’t do enough to move you or have you think of church in any way, then her powerful lyrics should hit the spot. “Nothin’ on Me” seems to inspire listeners to triumph over any issue they may encounter. She comforts her fans with her voice, suggesting that trouble doesn’t last always. Not only is her voice comforting, but the background vocals in “Nothin’ on Me” are too. They help to heighten Johnson’s voice and the meaning of the song.

The complete opposite of “This is Heartache,” the last track on Heart, “Thank You for Breaking My Heart,” is another soulful, bluesy song that listeners will enjoy. Like “Nothin’ on Me,” this is another piece where Johnson’s vocals become a true powerhouse. With her vocals, she belts to her listeners that a devastating breakup can teach you a lot about the do’s and don’ts in a relationship. Furthermore, “Thank You For Breaking My Heart” also has an old-school vibe to it and I think listeners will really feel Johnson’s emotions in this one.

Overall, Alexz Johnson’s Heart EP gives listeners plenty of encouraging messages about enduring pain and finding the will and strength to overcome it. To check out more music and other information by Alexz Johnson, go to www.alexzjohnson.com or www.pledgemusic.com/projects/alexzjohnson. The Heart EP is also available on iTunes for download.



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