Health Services offers healthcare to UWG graduates

Graduating from college can be an occasion in a young adults’ life when they begin to shoulder even more responsibilities. Between job searching and bill paying, health care usually goes unnoticed by college graduates. But as they began to make the transition to independent health consumers, the University of West Georgia (UWG) Department of Health Services offers health care options to alumni after graduation.

“The Health Centers of the entire University System of Georgia were discussing students who do not have health insurance after graduation,” said Leslie Cottrell, director and physician at UWG health services. “Several of the flagship institutions were allowing graduating students to pay the health fee two subsequent semesters to maintain their healthcare. Business and finance were amenable to UWG having the same practice, so we have been serving students in the capacity since then.”

Unlike other healthcare providers, which necessitate certain forms of insurance, offer only a specific amount of services, or require costly co-pay’s, UWG health services’ has only one requirement: the alumni must be within the first two semesters after their graduation from UWG.

As with undergraduate students, the health services fee is posted on the student breakdown bills and is taken automatically out of their financial aid payments. For those who are taking five hours or less and do not meet the requirements associated with health services, they can elect to pay fees out of pocket each semester.

“The health fee is $101 per semester for all students we serve,” Cottrell said. “You can pay the health fee on the day you need an appointment.”

For those who choose to enroll in a graduate program at another university, health services offered by UWG become limited.

“We do not serve students enrolled in other schools, unless part of their coursework is currently at UWG,” Cottrell said. “For example, if a student is taking two courses at UWG and one at another school, they would be eligible to pay the health fee.”

UWG alumni or graduating seniors should contact UWG Health Services for more information on enrolling in the alumni healthcare program.



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