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Home Away From Home

Photo by Austin West

Do you want to be a part of something exciting and fun here at UWG? There are so many student organizations on campus that you can join and Greek Life is one of them.

Spring Rush for all fraternities and sororities on campus is happening right now. A large majority of students on campus are far from home for the first time in their lives and are really seeking a niche for themselves at college. Come out and find where you belong during Rush this spring. Greek Spring Rush is an opportunity for all fraternities and sororities on campus to host events for prospective members to participate in in an effort to learn about Greek Life on campus. There are so many opportunities for students who decide to go Greek. “One of the most important things a student can gain by going Greek is a sense of belonging,” said Brittany Thompson, sister of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority. Becoming part of a fraternity or a sorority here on campus is something that can benefit students not only now, but in the future as well.

One of students’ main struggles is trying to keep up with their academics while maintaining a pleasant social life and going Greek is a great way to do that. Rush is the perfect opportunity for students to come out and see what each fraternity and sorority has to offer them. If students choose to join one of the 10 fraternities or seven sororities we have on campus, you will always have someone to help you out with your homework as well as a whole new circle of friends that will be there for you, no matter what. “Being a part of a sorority or a fraternity allows you to meet people and get to know them for who they are,” said Thompson. The great thing about Rush is that you are not committed to anything, but rather you get the chance to see each organization and what they stand for. With a new year and a new semester, going Greek would offer students so many opportunities. “You can benefit so much through friendship and camaraderie through your classes with your fraternity brothers,” said Matthew Pierce, brother of Sigma Chi fraternity.

If interested, students should go to the Greek Life office located on the third floor in the campus center for more detailed information on events. Students also should not worry about missing out on spring rush because you can rush a UWG fraternity any day of the year.



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